The Original™
Circus Animal Cookies

Lions and rhinos and elephants and camels, oh my! All of the animal shapes are fully frosted pink and white vanilla shortbread cookies topped with our iconic rainbow sprinkles. These are the classic Circus Animal Cookies that you have warm memories of. The iconic shapes inspire the imagination and creativity to help turn snack time into a three-ring circus.

They might look like they're just cookies with sprinkles to an adult, but to a child, imagination is everything. Watch and enjoy as they take their favorite frosted animal cookies on a fantastically flavorful adventure. Your kitchen table becomes a desert as the camel cookies carry a princess through a magical voyage. The lion cookies protect them from any creatures they encounter along the way. When it's finally time for cleanup, the desert becomes dessert.

Mythical Creatures Cookies

Mythical creatures have been the stars of fairytales and folklore forever. Now they're going to be the star of snack time! Mother's frosted animal cookies come in incredible shapes like mermaids, unicorns, dragons, and sea serpents. The Mythical Creatures are frosted vanilla shortbread cookies covered with silver sprinkles. Your kids will enjoy every magical, frosted bite.

Snack time becomes filled with fun, frosted fairytales. Your child's plate becomes a ship sailing the high seas filled with serpents and dragons. There's a mythical mermaid on board the vessel, her sparkles so bright they cannot be tamed. As the serpents circle the sparkly ship, a dragon appears. It has only one mission, to serve and protect its mermaid queen. As the story goes, snack time comes to a close, and it's always a sweet ending.

Eerie Critter Cookies

October chills and fall festivity thrills bring a spooky twist on the pink and white cookies we know and love!  Shaped like cats and bats, this limited-batch is coated with frighteningly delicious orange and white frosting and topped with sprinkles. A spooktacular treat to share with classmates or a festive addition to your Halloween cookie jar!