Mother's Cookies
The Origin Story


Long ago in cookie-land, animals didn’t stray too far from the herd. Camels stuck with camels. Lions with lions. Unicorns with unicorns. Day after day, the same routine. Then one morning, a volcano erupted shooting sprinkles out into the sky, and sending rivers of frosting flowing through the lands. By the next morning, every creature under the sun was polka-dotted and bright. The animals thought, well this is weird. But it was also pretty sweet and delicious. The frosted animals became instant friends. And from that day on, cookie-land became infinitely more fun. Kids have been delighting in Mother’s Cookies ever since.


Who We Are


It all started in 1914 at a newspaper stand in Oakland, California. N.M. Wheatley, a newspaper vendor, purchased the rights of some unusually delicious home-baked cookies from a customer. N.M. named the cookies Mother's in honor of the brand new holiday, Mother's Day! These are the iconic Circus Animal Cookies you know and love, and soon they became a hit. Within a year, he sold the newspaper stand and began baking two thousand cookies a day in a small bakeshop.

Today, Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies are enjoyed by playful, imaginative children all over the world.

What We
Stand For


Living life playfully is the best recipe for happiness. That's why we believe every child deserves imaginative and playful moments where they can lose themselves in the fun of it all. Mother's Cookies are the frosted, sweet treats that can help spark the joy and creativity essential to a happy childhood.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality is near and dear to our hearts. That's why:

     We signed the Ellen McArthur Foundation pledge to make all packaging recyclable and compostable by 2025.

     Starting in 2022, we have begun to remove high fructose corn syrup across our product portfolio.

They’re just a couple more reasons why Mother's knows best!