Mother’s® Cookies – There’s a memory in every bite.™

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  1. “My mom and dad met while working at Mother’s Cookies on 81st Avenue in Oakland and married in 1952. This picture was taken on the lawn in front of the factory shortly after they were married.”
    Patti McGee Thompson via Facebook
  2. “Mother’s cookies went hand in hand with my childhood! Grandma always had them in her cupboard. That cup-board was the place we went to for a “snack for the road home.” Evidently, Grandma thought we would starve on the hour long ride home after being stuffed with a 4 course dinner. ha ha” Tracie Cearley-Kinser via Facebook
  3. “I grew up overseas, and every two years we would visit my grandmother in Hayward, CA; she ALWAYS had Mother's cookies at her house, and I ALWAYS looked forward to them!”
    Vanessa Silva via Facebook
  4. “The best memories I have of growing up and eating cookies with my parents are with Mother’s Cookies.”
    Scott Daly via Facebook