Our History

Mother’s® Milestones

From our humble beginnings on a street corner nearly 100 years ago, to the introduction of our newest varieties, Mother’s® Cookies is the true original. Take a look at some of our memorable milestones.

Mother's® Cookies History 1914

N.M. (Noah) Wheatley runs a newspaper stand and decides to purchase the rights to a recipe of some home-baked cookies from one of his customers. One year later, Wheatley trades in his corner stand and locates at a small one-person operation on 12th Avenue in Oakland, where he bakes about 2,000 cookies each day.

Mother's® Cookies History 1920

With help from a young woman named Leopoldine, the bakery grows and a romance begins. Noah and Leopoldine marry and run the company until their son, Floyd Wheatley, is old enough to take over. Two years later the bakery needs more space and moves to 18th Street, forcing the Wheatleys to sell their home, and even their piano, to pay for the move.

Mother's® Cookies History 1950

Success is sweet and the bakery moves to 810 81st Avenue in Oakland and grows to employ over 750 people across several western states. Mother’s® Cookies launches a promotion involving baseball player cards to give away at games until 1998. featured players included Chuck Connors, Willie Mays, Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jose Canseco.

Mother's® Cookies History 1980

In the early 80s our TV commercials feature real company employees singing and dancing while baking Mother’s® Cookies and in 1983 Mother’s® Cookies move to the big screen.

Mother's® Cookies History 2000

Mother’s® Cookies bakes more than 17 million cookies a day to keep up with demand. Tough times force the company to close its operation in Oakland and shift production to other plants, eventually Mother’s®
Cookies closes its doors entirely in 2008. — There is a happy ending. Just one year later, Mother’s® Cookies return and fans everywhere rejoice.

Mother's® Cookies History 2014

Mother’s® Cookies has been the true original since 1914. So in 2014, we celebrated our 100th birthday. Relive your childhood with a traditional favorite or try one of our new varieties. There’s a memory in every bite™.